What if I am a returning member?

Register for your next plan via the What Runs You website. Your plan will start on the following Monday on your calendar.

What if I can't run the distance suggested in the plan?

You should start in a Phase that's comfortable for you. This will help you build a base and familarize yourself with What Runs You training. Do not start in a Phase that you would need to muscle through in order to run the perscribed miles.

Are the plans adjustable?

Yes! You can adjust and flex your plan to meet your training needs via the app and webpage.

What if I miss workouts?

You can stack your weight trianing workouts with run days or move around your training schedule easily. Be consistent with your training, but don't stress a missed workout, you can easily bump it foward.

What if I miss coaching calls?

No stress, there will be more! When Alysha records calls she does her best to repost them for members in the community. You will see it on your calendar.

What if I purchased the wrong plan?

Reach out to support@whatrunsyou.com or directly message Alysha via the app.

What if I need to cancel my plan?

Only premium members need to cancel. If you are a timeboxed member (pay as you go), your plan has an end date.

  • If you are logged into the training platform, click on the “What Runs You” link under their profile image.
  • On the account dashboard page, click on “BILLING” at the top.
  • On the Billing page, there is a large “Cancel Membership” button.
  • Then on the cancel page, you just need to confirm the cancellation by clicking the same button.